TV Wall Mounting Harlow

TV wall mounting helps you to get the very best from your HD or flat screen television. As well as giving you the best viewing experience, wall mounting your television can create more floor space in your home and keep your TV safe from bumps and scratches.

If you are in the Harlow area and you need an expert to wall mount your TV, you have come to the right place. We specialise in TV wall mounting and will do a professional, tidy job at your home or business. If you don’t have the tools or expertise for the job, let our experts wall mount your TV for you. We will come to you quickly, provide all the necessary fixtures and fittings and do a professional job at a price you will really love.

Book your appointment now by calling 07593 817203. Or, keep reading to find out more about the many benefits of TV wall mounting.

3 Reasons Why You Should Consider TV Wall Mounting

1. It gives you more space. Wall mounting your TV means you don’t have to have a TV table or cabinet in the corner of your room and this frees up more floor space. Wall mounting your flat screen television is also useful in other rooms of your house. We have innovative and imaginative ideas for wall mounting televisions in kitchens or bedrooms. For example, wall mounting a smaller set above a chest of drawers or on a mount under a kitchen unit can make the most of the space available. We can also wall mount TVs at your commercial premises.

2. You get a better viewing experience. We can use the right fixings to tilt your flat screen or LED television to your seating position. In conjunction with your home cinema or sound system this will give you and your family a truly superb viewing experience.

3. It protects your expensive set. Wall mounting your television means that it is less likely to be damaged as it’s harder for guests, pets or children to knock and bump into it. As your expensive TV is securely fixed to the wall it also makes it harder for burglars to steal it. We don’t charge a call-out fee and we’ll give you expert and honest advice on the right solution for you. We’ll supply all the necessary fixtures and fittings and we will hide all cables in the walls, floors and voids. And, we’ll guarantee our work and do the job at a price you will really love.

Whether you need us to wall mount your new TV in your lounge, you are a pub, restaurant or leisure club that needs a range of TVs mounting or you want an innovative solution for elsewhere in your home, give Aerials Direct Harlow a call now on  07593 817203. Or, send us a secure online message.